30 Days of Finishing Explained

I start a lot of things. Stories, blogs, businesses. Sometimes in real life – pen to paper, fingertips to keyboard – but mostly in my head. Some might say it’s a lack of discipline that keeps me from finishing. I agree. It’s also fear. Not a fear of failure, but a paralyzing panic because I don’t know how to do whatever it is that started as an idea in my gray matter. Crazy that a lack of knowledge impedes my progress in this digital age where Google has an answer for everything and you can learn how to tango, crochet or make soufflé on YouTube.  But it does. So I bit the bullet and took an Improv Writing class over the summer. Learned some principles of story crafting and was forced to employ them RIGHT NOW (hence, improv). Never finished a story in that class. But I learned that much of my failure to finish the myriad story beginnings wandering around in my head was because I didn’t know how to finish. Thanks to story spine, I now have tools to finish.

Last year I found out about 31 Days on day 5. I started – well, kind of (more about that another day) – but never finished. This year, I learned that many 31 Day writers begin and finish before October even arrives. Oh, so that’s how they do it? Well, not me. I started working on my 31 Days at the beginning of September but didn’t finish. Hmmm, imagine that. So as the days of September passed by, I started thinking that I wasn’t going to follow through on the challenge.  Then it hit me – Just because one way to do the challenge is to finish writing before October begins doesn’t mean I have to throw in the towel because I didn’t do it that way. So here it is October 2, 2015, and I’m doing my first post now. Oh well.

Here goes. 30 Days of Finishing. Stories, ideas, projects, poems (maybe, because at this writing I really don’t know how to write a poem) – whatever starts in my head. Going to finish.

The end


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